Our Expertise

We offer a combined 70 years of lobbying, public affairs, and issue and political campaign management experience.

Our corporate and trade association clients can effectively outsource all of their government and public affairs needs to us, enabling them to enjoy aggressive, cost-effective and worry-free management of all their public policy, political and communications issues.

We provide our clients with a full range of expertise in a variety of public affairs disciplines.

California State Courthouse Building in Sacramento

Lobbying and Government Affairs Consulting

We represent our clients on a wide variety of issues before legislatures, executive branches, and state regulatory agencies. We manage single issues, or can provide a virtual government and public affairs operation, enabling our clients to cost-effectively outsource all of their state government and public affairs needs:

  • Direct legislative and executive branch lobbying
  • Legislative and government affairs consulting
  • Situational analysis and risk assessment
  • Legislative bill tracking and analysis
  • Representation before trade association and other relevant organizations

Political Consulting

Elections matter. Who gets elected can have a profound impact on policy. We understand the importance of election outcomes and can help our clients navigate the political process:

  • Independent expenditure campaign coordination and management
  • PAC and political contribution strategy
  • Candidate interviews and legislative election planning

Issue Management

We design strategic plans to manage our clients’ public policy and related reputational issues. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to develop and guide communications, outreach, legislative, media and political strategies:

  • Public and opinion leader research
  • Polling and focus group research
  • Data analysis
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Issue advocacy campaign management, including paid and earned media campaigns

Coalition Building and Mobilization

Allies can be critical to our clients’ success. We build and manage relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that they understand our clients’ issue positions, to mobilize support or opposition on our clients’ legislative and regulatory issues, and to build and enhance our clients’ profiles and reputations.

  • Grass roots and grass tops mobilization and activation
  • State legislative coalition building
  • Local outreach programs to business, trade, policy, taxpayer, ethnic, media, civic and community non-profit leaders and organizations

Government Contracting and Business Development

Government can be an essential element of a company’s financial growth. We help clients maneuver through government bureaucracies to generate business for them with state and local governments.

  • State and local government procurement
  • Business relationship development
  • Analyzing how public policy shapes future business opportunities